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Breed Specific Violence and the American Bully – August 2023

Bully Watch has partnered with Protect Our Pets and the Campaign for Evidence-Based Regulation of Dangerous Dogs to launch a new report looking at the science and regulation of American Bully type dogs and their dog attack risk

We find that the rise of human fatalities from dog attacks can be explained directly by the introduction of the American Bully to the UK.We find it is 270x more deadly than the rest of the dog population.

We find that recent research finds a strong link between dog breed and aggressive behaviour with fighting type dogs having at least a 6x overrepresentation
among severe attacks and an even higher propensity to kill.

You can read the full report here.

Finding Kimbo – July 2023O

Our deep dive into the alarming lineage of a dog nicknamed Killer Kimbo. Our investigation reveals that Kimbo’s bloodline is linked to numerous instances of sudden and unprovoked aggression in the United States, including fatal attacks. This bloodline has been perpetuated through irresponsible breeding practices, often involving high levels of inbreeding to achieve specific physical traits. Despite warnings and documented incidents, UK breeders continue to incorporate Kimbo’s lineage into their programs, raising ethical and safety concerns.

You can read the full article here.

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