Our Data

All of our data is now open source. We welcome researchers to use it how they see fit. The statistics don’t discriminate between dog on dog, dog on human or attacks done by dogs on other pets. Using the raw inputs, you can work out those statistics yourself if you wish.

You can find our live statistics on attacks here: https://t.co/AMu1EzDZuz

You can find all attacks from all dog breeds (except Bullies) here: https://t.co/Fwg7XUJKmy

You can find attacks from Bully breeds here: https://t.co/mF3xybreOo

We want to be completely transparent with our research. It’s not perfect. It is back of napkin. But we think it fills a gap in the literature. Our main source is Nextdoor and Facebook. Because of this, the data will be biased. If you were bitten by a French Bulldog and only get a nip, then you’re unlikely to publicly post about it online.

That said, there’s really no other data like this. Data collection on dog attacks is very poor.

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